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Olav Sorensen

One of the best contemporary silhouette metal art designers in the world, Olav produces stunning, iconic, and emotive silhouette artwork – which are commissioned and collected by high profile figures throughout the world.

Previously only accepting silhouette commissions by word of mouth, Olav has recently launched a website to offer a small range of limited edition silhouette artworks to a wider audience. These distinct works reflect sophistication, elegance and understated refinement.

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What motivates Olav?

Olav aspires to deliver artworks that ultimately enrich your daily experience. They are beautifully designed and crafted, creating a timeless appeal.

Olav’s metal silhouette artwork ‘Flash of copper’ collection are also investment opportunities. Providing both visual and emotional pleasure, they adorn some of the world’s most spectacular homes.

All artworks are signed by Olav in unique metal weld, individually numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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With a flash of copper..

Olav’s silhouette artworks can be a lasting reminder of a special moment in time, a loved object, a hobby, or a sporting achievement. Dramatically backlit on an interior white wall, in a country garden, at the entrance to sports facilities, on a golf course, or in public parks, these pieces make a statement anywhere they are positioned.

Blending seamlessly into all design styles, Olav’s metal silhouettes are highly desired appreciating assets, raising self esteem and giving immense pleasure to you, your friends, and your clients.

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