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A smuggling background

Olav Sorensen grew up in Great Britain, immersed in the countryside culture, participating in pastimes such as hunting, shooting, and fishing. His grandfather was a Danish trawlerman, descending from Hvide Sande, Denmark. During the Second World War, Olav’s grandfather operated covertly for the UK government, bravely smuggling members of the armed forces to and from Europe hidden in his trawler. After the war Olav’s grandfather settled in England where he met his English born wife.

Olav’s career

Olav always had a talent for art, craft, and construction, initially becoming a builder after leaving school. However art and travel have always been his passion.
Over the years, whilst still working full time Olav developed his talent in metal art , crafting silhouettes to sell in local garden centres. In 2011, his art was spotted by a high end interior designer, which gave him the catalyst to launch his artistic career. These commissions provided a window of opportunity into the US market where his contemporary silhouette artwork became popular amongst the US elite. Working in his spare time, Olav was able to create only around seven artworks a year. In 2017, with a growing list of commissions, he took the decision to design and craft metal artwork silhouettes full time.

Impossible to fake

Since 2017 all Olav’s artworks have a unique welded signature, with photographic evidence documented to prove their authenticity. The limited edition number is incorporated into the signature silhouette. A silhouette signature with no number signifies that the work is a highly sought original.
Olav’s contemporary metal artwork commissions have developed and matured over the years, influenced by his love of travel, his advancing craft techniques and his use of a dynamic combination of metals. The majority of his later commissions have been destined for Asia, where his ‘flash of copper’ collection is highly sought.

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