Discretion is part of our service

Do you want to show off your opulence and be the envy of your friends and colleagues?  

Every silhouette artwork designed and signed by the artist, is crafted individually in a limited edition(no more will ever be made). Each client can choose the construction material(Corten steel, powder coated steel, copper, or bronze) and the limited edition number of their artwork, perhaps their birthdate or age,  providing that number is still available. 

Do you love it? Can you afford it? Will it enrich your life? If you can answer yes to these questions the initial cost and potential future financial profit is very much secondary to the enjoyment you will get from owning the Olav Sorensen silhouette.  


Choose your silhouette design and material from the gallery.

Choose your desired edition number. If the number is showing as not available please contact us, it may be leased by a company, and could become available soon.

Choose either interior or exterior location, wall or floor mounted.

Once you have purchased your piece, one of our team will be in touch to discuss your order and delivery options. Due to demand for these artworks please be aware that Olav will do his utmost to craft your artwork within 30 days but it may take as long as 60 days.

Free delivery to UK locations only. Olav Sorensen silhouette art can be delivered to clients throughout the world. From artwork commissions as wedding gifts for Chinese brides to shooting estates in the USA. We can handle all the paperwork and practical solutions to deliver your cherished silhouette artwork to your location. Additional delivery and export/import duty and costs (paid by the client) will be discussed once the artwork is purchased.


Once you have purchased your silhouette artwork, we can securely store it free of charge for up to 6 months, giving you time to decide on a suitable location or to resell it to crystallise any gains.

Sorry, not at the moment but it is something we are looking at for 2021.

We are sometimes in a position to lease a silhouette piece to display in offices, hotels, restaurants, or sports clubs. Please email info@olavsorensen.com for agreement information and availability.

Advantages to leasing:

  • Creates a favourable ambience in the workspace to increase productivity
  • Impress clients and guests by displaying expensive art
  • Enhance the prestige and corporate image of a company
  • Conserve capital
  • May be a deductible expense
  • Display quality art for a fraction of the price

Designers have incorporated Olav Sorensen silhouette artworks within their schemes in the UK and overseas, in both interior settings, and in the landscape. 

Is your client on trend, looking for a unique piece of art, an original silhouette portrait, perhaps a pet, abstract, or sporting reference? If so, an Olav Sorensen silhouette is the perfect piece for them.  

Please get in touch in plenty of time as Olav’s workbook is very full. Limited edition designs can usually be crafted to order within 4 weeks but original commissions could take a lot longer. 

For peace of mind, each artwork comes with its own unique certificate of authenticity containing a torn photo depicting the unique individuality of the welded signature on the silhouette. Every welded signature is like a human fingerprint, impossible to replicate. A copy photo along with the other half of the torn photo is kept securely and permanently by Olav Sorensen Design. Authenticity of all his artwork should never be in doubt. 

Olav Sorensen is a discrete and private contemporary designer who shuns publicity. He completely understands the needs of buyers and collectors who prefer discretion and anonymity. Olav can offer complete privacy and the utmost discretion and confidentiality for both limited edition sales and commissions if required.  You would not believe some of the homes and gardens his silhouettes grace!


All direct purchasers of an Olav Sorensen artwork, either original or limited edition will automatically be granted free membership of the Olav Sorensen VIP Club.
Member privileges

  • prior notification of new design releases
  • prior purchase options
  • exclusive invitations to previews
  • 6 months free artwork secure storage
  • free storage of the certificate of authenticity