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Numbered series of silhouette artwork to cherish and invest in

With a signature ‘flash of copper‘, the most discerning collectors are emotionally motivated to acquire a series of Olav Sorensen artworks that satisfy their inner and outer desire. They may be drawn to the silhouette artworks for their symbolic value, enhancing their self worth, or their ostentatious persona.

First released by Olav in 2019, most silhouette collections are expanded annually to form a series of new and coveted silhouette metal artwork. Priority purchase options are given to previous collectors.

Can you acquire your favourite artwork?

How to collect a numbered series

Direct purchasers of the previous years limited edition artworks from Olav Sorensen Design are given priority purchase options. This gives collectors guarantees on acquiring the same numbered piece for their desired artwork series.

Collectors have the opportunity to build up a valuable series of desired artworks in a specific limited edition number, adding to the collection value, and increasing their personal appeal and allure.

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