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Posted on 27th October 2020


Olav Sorensen, born in Lincolnshire, England, the middle of three children, he grew up in the Lincolnshire countryside, hunting, shooting, and fishing. Both his mother and father were English. His grandfather on his mothers side was Danish, a trawlerman, descending from Hvide Sande, Denmark. His grandfather operated covertly for the UK government in the Second World War, smuggling members of the armed forces and spies to and from Europe on his trawler. After the war Olav’s grandfather settled in Grimsby where he met his English born wife. Olav always had a talent for art, craft, and construction, becoming a successful builder, after leaving University in 1985.
But art and travel were always his passion. A very shy, humble, and reclusive artist, Olav now leads a double life. For his art career, he reverted to his grandfathers family name giving him the anonymity he needed.
During his career in construction, Olav continued to quietly develop his private interest in metal art, crafting works which he sold in local garden centres. In 2011, his work was spotted by an interior designer working for a Hollywood screenwriter. These commissions provided a window in the USA and soon his contemporary silhouette artwork became popular amongst the Hollywood elite. Working in his spare time, while still in the construction industry, Olav created only around seven artworks a year. In 2017 he took the decision to develop a full time career in the design and crafting of metal artwork silhouette commissions. Pre 2017, all works were very discretely signed with the OS signature. Since 2017 all works have been boldly signed in unique weld with the OS signature logo, the works documented and evidence of authenticity securely stored.
Pre 2017 works occasionally come to the market but the artist has until now always refused to confirm their authenticity.
Olavs contemporary metal artwork commissions have developed and matured over the years, influenced by his love of travel, his advancing craft techniques and his use of a dynamic combination of metals. Many of his later commissions are destined for Asia, where he has gained huge popularity. Olav’s contemporary silhouette art is in a niche of cultural dialogue framework combining a personal and cultural identity, with family, community, and nationality.

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